As part of our second John Free Workshop photo shoot, we returned to Olvera Street. I wasn’t expecting to get anything different then when we were there the week before, but we stumbled upon a church that was just letting out some sort of mass. There were lots of children dressed in white gowns and suits.

Several women lined the streets peddling jewelry and crosses. Not wanting to bother them, I started to take pictures from a few feet away. “Get closer!” John told me. “Get her hand!” So, I reluctantly approached one of the women, got less than a foot away from her, and snapped a few shots. Needless to say, the women were getting annoyed with our group, but we stayed for some time to photograph the scene.

After we left the church, we saw that a dance had begun in the square next to the entrance to Olvera Street.

All in all, it was another successful shoot.