Oh, Japan, how I miss you. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I was there. Last May, I went on a 10 day trip, starting in Tokyo then moving on to Kyoto. I actually finagled my school into paying for the whole thing with a travel grant, the premise being that I would look at spirituality in Japan. I ended up doing a lot of soul searching myself.

My photos from Tokyo pale in comparison to those from Kyoto, but I managed to snap a few good shots around the city. It rained most of the days I was in Japan (and every day I was in Tokyo). I did my best to shield my camera with my clear purple umbrella and a makeshift water cover made from a shower cap.

While in Tokyo, I stayed in a ryokan in Asakusa. This is a picture taken just down the block from the ryokan. I think you can see the sign for the best ramen place in the world somewhere here. Mmm, ramen…

Of course, I visited several shrines and temples in Tokyo.  I really enjoyed my time there. It was quite a “Lost in Translation”-esque experience. I was completely alone and didn’t speak Japanese apart from “Eigo ga hanasemaska?” (Do you speak English?) I found the metro to be the most difficult part of being in Japan. How anyone navigates that maze is beyond me.

And, let’s not forget my inspiration for the trip: Totoro! The Ghibli Museum was incredible. The building is painted in pastel tones with winding staircases and a rooftop balcony. Not a great picture, but you can see Totoro in the ticket booth (and my reflection in the glass).

Stay tuned for a flashback to Kyoto, coming soon to a blog near you.