I went to Nara as a day trip from Kyoto. However, it definitely deserves its own post. Nara was one of my favorite places in Japan not only because of the wild deer, but also the temples and forest.

This is Todai-ji Temple, which houses the world’s largest indoor Buddha.

I took so many pictures of the deer, it’s ridiculous. I thought this one was particularly adorable, though.

I saw a camphor tree like the one in “My Neighbor Totoro.” It was so beautiful, sitting there along the latern-lined path leading through the forest. I was so glad to see one while I was in Japan. I kept looking around for forest spirits to appear, but all I saw were tourists.

This deer looks timid and innocent, but about a minute later it accosted a kiosk worker for the food in her hands. Those deer were the best.