I adored Kyoto. This Tori is located by the entrance to Heian-jingu, my favorite Temple of the trip.

This is one of the Temple buildings at Heian-jingu. In keeping with the spirit of my trip, it was raining that day. It actually looks quite serene and deserted, but the Temple grounds were packed. Turns out it was a free admission day so, despite the rain, the Temple was overrun with tourists. I went to the Temple with Andrea, a girl I met at my hostel in Kyoto. Andrea is from England and at the time was taking a six month trek through Asia after losing her job. Sounds good to me.

I really enjoyed the figurines and shrines that popped up everywhere, even in the most unexpected places.

This bridge was near the entrance to the Sagano Bamboo groves.

This beautiful bird was my second crane sighting of the trip. I’ve heard that cranes are good luck, so I hope I got a little of that during my trip.

The Philosopher’s Walk. Named after a famous philosophy professor who used to walk the cherry blossom lined path and think important thoughts. I tried to think important thoughts, but didn’t come up with much. The path is apparently more impressive when the cherry blossoms are in bloom.

Along the Philosopher’s Walk, I discovered the entrance to a shrine. It was completely devoted to rats.

Rats, in Japanese culture, represent fertility. I originally thought it was just a bit overweight, but it’s actually pregnant.