Well, I took a bit of a hiatus from this blog, even gave Tumblr a try, but I’m finding it difficult to connect with people there without a comment feature. Plus, I really only want to share my own work and not other stuff I find around the internet. So, I’m back! And, I got a Holga!

This is just an orange tree near my house. I did a lot of my first roll test shots around the neighborhood on walks with my dog. Unfortunately, this did lead to dropping my camera, but I think it’s okay.

Another neighborhood shot. It was strange to see a hawk, though. There are often sparrows and crows perched on the electrical wires, but not hawks. So, I was lucky to have my camera with me.

A school bus, obviously shot from inside my car (don’t worry, I wasn’t driving).

This double exposure was taken in a Chinese supermarket near my house.

All of these were shot with a Holga 135BC using Lomography 400 speed film. You can look forward to more Holga shots in the future. I still find it amazing what a $35 toy camera can do.