Who are you?

My name is Alana. I’m a 22 year old writer and photographer based in the Los Angeles area.

What is Epode?

Epode is a combination photo/travel blog that showcases some of my photographs and chronicles the journeys that accompany them.

Okay, but what does “epode” mean?

Simply speaking, an epode is the third verse of lyric poem (specifically, an ode). To spare you a visit to wikipedia, I’ll post the definition here:

epode |ˈepōd|
1 a form of lyric poem written in couplets, in which a long line is followed by a shorter one.
2 the third section of an ancient Greek choral ode, or of one division of such an ode. Compare with strophe and antistrophe .
ORIGIN early 17th cent.: from French épode, or via Latin epodos, from Greek epōidos, from epi ‘upon’ + ōidē (see ode ).

What does that have to do with photography?

Well, I think photographs are similar to odes. They are a calling out to something, a request for emotion and reaction. The epode is the closing movement of an ode, and photographs are the closing movement of a moment of time that the photographer has chosen to capture.

I want more!

Flip through the archives or check out my flickr.

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